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TCM Course: Basics of TCM Diet Therapy

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Ever wondered how TCM diet therapy works?


Diet therapy or food therapy is one of the practices in Chinese Medicine to maintain health or treat diseases through food and nutrition. The practice of diet therapy is passed down over generations from our ancestors mainly by word of mouth. Having green bean soup on hot days, drinking a cup of hot ginger tea when one is down with cold or taking nourishing herbal soups when one is having exams are some of the simple practices that continue in some Asian families today. While some do retain the knowledge from their mothers or grandmothers on why, what and how to eat according to seasons or bodily changes, most do not understand and are easily lost on what they should eat. Myths and misperceptions about TCM diet therapy also arise because the knowledge may not be passed down accurately or gets misunderstood overtime.

Continuing more than 60 years of legacy in the practice of medicine, Chong Hoe Healthcare is the new bridge that gaps modern people to ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

In this course, we will bring you back to the basics of diet therapy so you can apply it yourself!


What will you learn in the course:

- Discover common misperceptions of TCM and diet therapy myths

- Understand basic concepts of Chinese Medicine and TCM diet therapy e.g. Yin Yang, Five Elements, Food as Medicine

- Learn how to read and understand TCM properties of food and herbs e.g. Four Nature, Five Flavours, Meridians, Functions

- Practical applications in daily lifestyle


This is a entry-level foundational class which will serve as a prerequisite for future classes on TCM diet therapy. It is suitable for anyone who is interested to know how diet therapy works and apply to their daily lifestyle.


Date/Time:  18 July (Tues), 7pm
Venue: Chong Hoe Healthcare

Clarke Quay Central, #04-67

6 Eu Tong Sen Street


Speaker: Physician Ng Wan Jing

Language: English

Course Fee: $60 nett

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Please read the terms and conditions here carefully before submitting your registration. Ensure your details are entered correctly on the registration form. 


Kindly allow up to 3 working days for us to respond to your registration. We will contact you via WhatsApp to confirm your seating.


Upon confirmation, please make payment via PayNow to secure your seat. Booking will be automatically cancelled if no payment is received within 2 working days after confirmation.


Please feel free to WhatsApp 88317963 for more information or enquiries.

About the Speaker

Wan Jing has been registered under the MOH TCM Practitioner's Board as a TCM practitioner in Singapore since the year 2010. She graduated with a Double Degree in Biomedical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine, conferred jointly by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). 

Wan Jing loves culinary and is passionate about marrying food with traditional medicine. With a firm belief that “Food is Medicine” and an avid passion in culinary, she obtained a Diploma in Culinary Arts with At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy in the year 2019. Having double qualifications as both a TCM physician and a professional chef, she is exceptionally adept at using TCM dietary therapy to help modern people get the best out of what they eat, and is interested in changing people’s perception of herbal food, using innovative ways to show that healthy food can also be delicious too. She conducts TCM theory and culinary classes and hosts herbal food private dining, outside of her clinical hours.

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