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*Fish maw to be purchased separately.


Prenatal/confinement/lactation prescriptions are unique to Chong Hoe Healthcare and specially formulated by experienced healthcare practitioners to meet modern confinement needs.


Preparation: Soak overnight or boil fish maw for 3 hours to soften. Cook herbs in 500-800ml of water to obtain soup. Combine softened fish maw with herbal soup and boil in slow cooker or double boiler for another 3-5 hours. Consume warm.


Confinement Daily Soups Series:


1) Confinement Waist Tonic 月内补腰汤


2) Tonic Replenishing Brew 气血双补汤


3) Strengthening Broth 补肝益肾汤


4) Confinement Nourishment Soup 健脾润肺汤


5) Revitalising Haircare Soup 养精生发汤


6) Fish Maw Wellness Brew 鱼鳔滋补汤

Fish Maw Wellness Brew 鱼鳔滋补汤 (without Fish Maw)

  • Astragalus Roots 北芪, Codonopsis 党参, Solomon's Seal 玉竹

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