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Chong Hoe Healthcare
Floral Remedies

Chong Hoe Healthcare Floral Remedies 花慧养生花茶系列 is the brain child of our resident physician, who craved for healthy caffeine-free beverages, especially during her breastfeeding years. 

The series consists of 14 flavours, featuring one flower each, paired brilliantly with herbs to provide great aroma, boasting unique health benefits. They are suitable for consumption by all ages, including children, elderly, pregnant and lactating mothers.

  • Osmanthus - Eases throat discomfort

  • Chamomile - Eases tension headaches 

  • Roselle - For digestive health

  • Rose - Nourishment

  • Notoginseng - Pimple-free remedy

  • Dendrobium - Adaptogenic

  • American Ginseng - Promotes mental alertness

  • Bittergourd - Wellness management

  • Appleflower - For healthy complexion

  • Jasmine - Relieves nasal discomfort

  • Lavender - Promotes good sleep

  • Rosemary - Promotes healthy scalp and hair

  • Honeysuckle - Boosts immunity

  • Snow Daisy - Rejuvenates

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