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TCM Consultation

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Chong Hoe physicians are MOH registered and licensed. Our physicians are informed and experienced in providing the best treatment plans for various conditions, giving you the best care possible. 

A typical TCM consultation include the following:  

  • Visual Observation - general form, vitality, tongue, skin condition, complexion, outlook of discharge and faecal matters

  • Auscultation - smells and sounds

  • Inquiring - past medical history, disease progression and past treatment, symptoms

  • Palpation - taking of pulse, may not be applicable to very young children

External observations reflect intrinsic information. It is essential to identify the body constitution of the patient first, then identify the disease and syndrome. TCM diagnosis requires experience. Manifestations of deficiency can belie excessiveness, and vice versa. 

Medications are typically provided in the forms of brewed herbs, liquid, powder or tablets/capsules.

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