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TCM Aesthetics


TCM and Skin

The state of health and wellbeing is directly reflected on one's face. When organ systems are malfunctioning and when the body's Yin and Yang is in a state of imbalance, skin problems such as spots, acne, greying and discoloration will surface.


TCM aesthetics techniques offer benefits by clearing blockages in your meridians and stimulating specific acupoints to help restore health and balance, giving rejuvenation to your skin.

Our clinic offers mainly two types of TCM Aesthetics Services: Bojin Treatment 理疗拨筋 and Facial Acupuncture 面部针灸.

Bojin Treatment (理疗拨筋) involves using a tool to glide across the face and press on the acupoints at the same time. It offers a light stimulation of the acupoints. However, it is not suitable to be used on open wound or broken skin.

Facial Acupuncture (面部针灸) involves acupuncture technique on the face. Using very fine and thin needles that are specially made for facial acupuncture, the needles will be inserted into acupoints on the face and the head. It is of minimal pain and offers a stronger stimulation at the acupoints (and thus better results) than Bojin Treatment.

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Benefits of Facial Bojin/Acupuncture

  • helps in detoxification and regeneration of skin cells

  • Softens tissues to enhance the flow of Qi and blood

  • release tension in ligaments and tendons 

  • provides deep tissue detoxification

  • stimulate acupoints to alleviate symptoms and correct body imbalances

Effects of Facial Bojin/Acupuncture

  • Improves complexion by enhancing blood circulation

  • Reduces or delay onset of wrinkles

  • Relieves puffy eyes and dark eye circles

  • Boosts skin regeneration

  • Alleviates common symptoms such as nasal congestion and promotes good sleep

  • Loosens stiff facial muscles

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