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Paediatric Massage

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TCM Paediatric massage is a specialized technique suitable for use on children from age 0 to 12. 
It is gentle and safe, with a wide range of indications. It is effective in alleviating symptoms, and is also used commonly as a form of therapy for the maintenance of health and wellness, or for the prevention of diseases. 

Paediatric tuina is easily accepted by children, and has additional benefits of not putting extra burden on the digestive system, since it does not involve oral medications. In most cases, it also helps to relieve anxiety.

The acupoints used for paediatric massage are unique to children and different from those used for adults.

Children are brought to our clinics for massage for cases such as the following:
•    bring down a fever
•    help to eliminate phlegm during a cough
•    clear nasal congestion for sinusitis/rhinitis
•    relieve constipation
•    relieve colic pain
•    boost immunity 
•    increase appetite


Most of the mechanisms of action for paediatric tuina remains unclear. 


This is what we know, when used to alleviate symptoms of functional digestive-associated diseases, tuina potentially increases peripheral blood flow, activates autonomic nervous system, excites the gastrointestinal parasympathetic nerve. This stimulates intestinal smooth muscles, which promotes peristaltic function, thereby reducing gastric residual volume and improves digestion. 

Contraindications of paediatric massage include: infectious diseases, fractures and open wounds, skin diseases, tumour sites and bleeding disorders.

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