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Dietary Therapy
& General Wellness

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Diet therapy (食疗) makes use of the medicinal properties of food and herbs to maintain health, treat illnesses or prevent diseases through properly balanced diet guided by Chinese Medicine principles.

It is one of the fundamental ways in TCM to keep one healthy since eating is an essential activity for survival. The knowledge of what food is “hot” and “cold”, what to eat during different seasons or even in flu is how most people of today understand TCM diet therapy. However, the art of TCM diet therapy is largely lost and misunderstood in our modern times as our parents and older generation often do not have a complete understanding of the underlying principles.  

Appleflower Raindrop Cake with Peach, made using our Appleflower Snow White Cleanse Tea
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The Chinese Medicine way of eating is more than just knowing “hot” and “cold” foods. It is a holistic approach to optimise our health by eating the correct type of foods (and herbs) according to our body constitution, environment, changing seasons, climates, health conditions or even life phases such as pregnancy, post-natal or post-surgery. The “hot” and “cold” nature is an important concept but knowing Five flavours, meridians, the functional, nutritional, pharmacological properties and understanding how the body works from the Chinese medicine perspective are equally important in making TCM diet therapy complete. With prevalence of Western medication and chronic illnesses in our modern context, it is also important to navigate TCM diet therapy appropriately to minimise possible side effects or adverse interactions between both medicines.

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Chong Hoe Healthcare's
Eight Treasures Soup Pack

Revitalising Skin & Haircare Meesua using Chong Hoe Healthcare's Soup Pack

Book an appointment to see our physicians who are equipped with the knowledge of East and West medicine to guide you through your wellness journey or sign up for our classes (coming up in March at Clark Quay Central) to understand how diet therapy can be part of your lifestyle for a healthier you.

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