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Parenthood can be exciting and daunting. Our team of experienced physicians are able to guide you through with their expertise in areas ranging from fertility support, prenatal care, postpartum recovery, and lactation wellness.



We understand that each couple's fertility journey can be challenging. We are dedicated to supporting you in this journey by providing TCM services to improve your chances of success and complement your IVF procedure.

In TCM fertility treatment, both parties are key players in successful conception. For the ladies, a regular menstruation cycle (and thus ovulation window), good egg quality and womb environment are important in female fertility. On the other hand, a healthy sperm count, quality, and motility are vital in male fertility. The presence of low energy levels and erectile dysfunction can negatively affect the male reproductive function.

We recommend the couple to seek TCM treatment together. Depending on each of your body's constitutions and the phase of IVF treatment, our physicians will prescribe herbal formulas and perform acupuncture treatments to aid both of you in your journey.



As sufficient 'Kidney' Qi is required to help carry the baby to full-term, we have herbal formulas to nourish the Kidney and support the pregnancy. Expecting mothers may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, bloating and pains. Our physicians are here to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your pregnancy. According to your symptoms and medical history, acupuncture may also be used to relieve your symptoms. 

We are committed to following you through your pregnancy term. TCM treatment such as acupuncture and herbal prescriptions can be used to aid the smooth delivery of your baby.



Post-partum recovery can be made easy and convenient with the various confinement packages available in our store. We offer red dates tea, herbal soups and confinement bath herbs to help nourish Qi and blood. These herbal formulas have been passed down through the generations and fine-tuned by our physicians over time to cater to your needs.

TCM herbal medication is generally safe for both mother and child. Based on your needs and preferences, we also provide individualised confinement prescriptions to support you in your recovery.



A healthy, rejuvenated mummy translates to better care for her baby. As such, a nursing mother's well-being is of utmost importance to us. Our team of experienced physicians seeks to help nursing mothers feel at ease during this phase.

Breastmilk is beneficial as it contains nutrients and immunity support for your baby. Both steady supply and smooth flow of breastmilk are crucial for the overall health of the mother and child.

Mastitis is a common condition among nursing mothers. It is due to the stagnation of Qi, blood and milk, as well as infection. TCM treatment can complement Western medicine in the treatment of mastitis to reduce engorgement and relieve pain.

Using only premium quality herbs, our herbal formulas are specially designed for nursing mothers to help promote lactation so your infant gets the best nutrition. To boost breastmilk flow and supply, acupuncture may be used in tandem with herbal medication to improve blood and Qi circulation.

Drop by us to find out more on how we can help you, or head to our online store to view our available products.

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