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Chong Hoe Healthcare’s Notoginseng Herbal Pain Relief Patch is an effective traditional recipe that contains Radix Notoginseng. This herb is highly prized for its ability to relieve muscle fatigue, soothe body aches and pains by promoting blood circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation. Product is mild on skin and has a pleasant scent that helps to calm nerves. It is suitable for use for pain management on a wide variety conditions, both acute and chronic, including muscular stiffness, aches and sprains, arthritis and joint pains, rheumatic pain


  • Comfortable
  • Plaster is air permeable and unlikely to cause skin irritation
  • Painless removal
  • Stick well to the skin
  • Easy application to different parts of the body
  • Doesn’t come off during vigorous exercise or movement
  • Convenience
  • Does not stain clothing



  • Product is for external use only
  • Do not apply onto infected skin or open wound
  • Not advisable to keep plaster on for too long (3-4hrs recommended for first timers)
  • Remove plaster immediately if itchiness or pain occurs after application.
  • If redness occurs, stop application for a few days
  • Not suitable for pregnant women


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight


Usage: Apply one or two pieces per day. Please clean and dry surface before application. Recommended duration is 4-6 hours


Notoginseng Herbal Pain Relief Patch 特效田七舒痛宁片 (10'S)

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