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What is confinement? How should I do it?

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This is the year 2024, do I still need to do confinement🤔? Let’s discuss how TCM views the postnatal period and how confinement practices have evolved over time to suit modern needs. In this upcoming course, we provide valuable information for new mothers on self and childcare, postnatal wound care, herbal and dietary tips etc! Too many "pantangs🚫" to keep track of? We will demystify them for you using Chong Hoe’s unique postnatal philosophy, with insights from experienced physicians who are mothers themselves!

Course Highlights

  • Learn how TCM views postnatal recovery and care, including wound care after delivery

  • Learn about herbal dietary tips during confinement

  • Debunk common myths regarding confinement

  • Practical ways husbands can support their wives during confinement

  • TCM lactation support and newborn care (jaundice in newborn)

Welcoming a new life into the world is a joyous occasion, but it also brings with it a period of adjustment and recovery, especially for first-time moms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the postpartum period is the time where the mother goes through confinement, which is crucial for her recovery, as well as the baby’s well-being. This course is designed to educate mothers and their husbands on the essentials of TCM confinement and how husbands can actively support their wives during this transformative journey. Limited seats available, sign up today!

Date & Time

27 July 2024 (Saturday)

3.30pm - 5pm


Chong Hoe Healthcare @ Clarke Quay Branch*

(6 Eu Tong Seng Street #04-67 Singapore 059817)

*Venue is tentative and may be changed to Lifelong Learning Institute (11 Eunos Rd 8 Singapore 408601) due to crowd size considerations


Physician Pansy Yeo

(click here to find out more about her)


$88 for Single Ticket (1 pax)

$128 for Couple Ticket (2 pax)

We encourage husbands to come along to learn how you can help your wife during this period!​ Each ticket comes with a free Goodie Bag!

Exclusive Perks!


  • Bird's Nest (with Rock Sugar) x1 [U.P. $21]

  • Floral Remedies Tea x1 [U.P. $19.90]

  • Red Dates Tea x1 [U.P. $9]

  • 10% off our Bloom of the Moon: 28-day Confinement Package with/without Fish Maw in our online shop^ (package includes 28 packs of Red Dates Tea, 24 Herbal Soup packs, 20 Confinement Bath Herbs; with the option to include Fish Maw in the confinement package) [U.P. without Fish Maw $680; with Fish Maw $790]

*One Goodie Bag is given per ticket registration, i.e. each individual who signs up with a Single Ticket will receive one goodie bag each, however, if a couple signs up together with a Couple Ticket, only one goodie bag will be provided per couple

^ Coupon code will be given via email after the course for use in our online shop. To use coupon, enter the coupon code at checkout page. As our confinement packages are freshly packed, we recommend you pre-order the confinement package 1 week in advance.

Important Note (please read before registering):

  • As any information relevant to the course will be disseminated via email, please ensure that email address is correctly spelt

  • You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration, in which you will find your ticket for admission purposes.

  • Feel free to contact us at if you have any queries.

  • Please read our Cancellation Policy carefully. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set by Chong Hoe Healthcare upon submission of your registration

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