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What is this course about?
‘TCM and Tuina for Children’ is a part of Chong Hoe Healthcare’s Masterclass series. This series is specially designed by Chong Hoe Healthcare for anyone who wants to learn more about managing health and wellness in safe, effective and practical ways using TCM principles and methods. This class teaches participants about managing children’s health the TCM way. 

Chinese Medicine is a form of medical practice that targets to treat health holistically. Paediatric Chinese Medicine has been in practice since ancient times with methods such as Children Tuina (小儿推拿) and diet therapy (食疗) that are useful in both the treatment of and the  prevention of diseases in children. In this Masterclass, participants will gain basic understanding in physiological and pathological characteristics of children, learn principles and techniques of children’s massage with practical applications for common ailments or disorders such as coughs and digestive problems. Participants will also learn diet therapy, herbal remedies and preventive measures that can be applied to enhance recovery or promote wellness in children.

Whom is this for?

Parents or caregivers who want to manage children’s health better or wellness practitioners who are looking to upgrade their skill set or improve job opportunities.

Course Objectives

Enable participants to manage common ailments or improve wellness in young children through massage techniques, diet therapy, herbal remedies and preventive measures. 


Understand biological and physiological characteristics of children


Learn pathology of diseases and common body constitutions of children


Know treatment and wellness management methods for children


Learn basic principles and massage techniques of children tuina (massage)


Apply massage techniques, diet therapy, herbal remedies, wellness tips and preventive management for common ailments or disorders in children

Date & Time

This is a half-day training course.

We will be having two intakes, you may choose from either

  •  4 November 2023 (Saturday) 1pm to 5pm, or

  • 10 November 2023 (Friday) 1pm to 5pm


R9 Cabin at Lifelong Learning Institute

(11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601)


$268 nett per participant


​Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to manage the wellness of your child. The course will be include both Theory and Practical in the area of Paediatric TCM, to be conducted in English.


To facilitate learning, our class sizes will be kept small.​

Upon successful completion of the Masterclass, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Participants enjoy FREE  TCM consultation!

(Terms & Conditions apply. Scroll to end of page for information on redemption.)

Any further queries, feel free to contact us here or drop an email to us at


TCM & Tuina for Children Webpage poster.png

4 November



TCM & Tuina for Children Webpage poster.png

10 November



At registration, please choose your preferred date of class. Do ensure that your name is correctly spelt as this will be printed on the certificate. You will receive a confirmation email with an e-ticket for entry on the day of the course upon successful registration. Please read our Cancellation Policy carefully. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set by Chong Hoe Healthcare upon submission of your registration.

About the Speakers

Physician Ru Yi and Physician Grace often work with young children and perform paediatric massage as a form of therapeutic and preventive treatment. They are adept in treating common ailments such as allergic rhinitis, digestive disorders and immunity problems in children with herbal medication, children Tuina and diet therapy. 

*'Free Consultation' Terms & Conditions and Redemption Information:

  • Upon successful registration, each participant will be given a ticket pass via confirmation email.

  • ONE free TCM consultation is redeemable per ticket, to be used either by the participant or the participant’s child (new or existing clients are welcomed). To redeem, please present the ticket pass and verify the participant's name upon visit.

  • Prior to visit, the participant/participant’s child should quote “TCM and Tuina for Children masterclass” when making an appointment with the preferred Chong Hoe Healthcare branch for the free consultation session.

  • ‘Free consultation’ is valid only for one month from completion of the course date and is non-exchangeable for other services, retail products or cash. Chong Hoe Healthcare is not obliged to allow redemption of free consultation service should participants come after the validity period. 

  • Chong Hoe Healthcare reserves all right to amend terms and conditions of redemption without prior notice and the final right to settle any disputes arising from claiming of free consultation. 

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